Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Salad + Rant

First thing is first. Today's workout: 4 miles this am, 60 minutes on the elliptical tonight and 10 minutes of abs.

Tonight on the menu: mixed greens, baby tomatoes, grapes, sliced almonds, feta cheese and (of course) honey balsamic vinaigrette. Super super super yummy.
Light and Satisfying
I munched on the salad while looking over a new cookbook I picked up. The Borders by my office (where I got this) is closing in a matter of days, so I thought I'd stop by one last time on my way home to see what was left. The answer? Not much. Not much at all. The only thing I saw worth buying was the "Master Chef Cookbook". Apparently there was a show on Fox called Master Chef. I must have missed that one. Anyway, the book has a bunch of fun recipes and helpful hints like how to make fresh pasta and fillet a salmon (stay tuned).


The Situation? He really got a book deal by pitching his idea for a guide to "creeping on chicks"?? Oh and by the way, excuse me while I go do 10,000 crunches...

Really JWow? Didn't all of America see her last trainwreck of a relationship and now she is SELLING advice. Also, her outfit is making me doubt her grammar skills. 
I don't hate Hilary Duff, I just kind of forgot she existed. I honestly had no idea she had a book out. Maybe it's great, she did take some online college classes from Harvard. I had to google that fact and found this nice little quote from Hilary..."I'm not big on English, but I am into math. If I'm able to focus on it, I like it." Lovely Hilary. Lovely.

A travesty. Lauren Conrad next to Charles Dickens. Sad. Sad Sad. I guess even though these people got book deals (minus Charles Dickens, he was writing books before people got book deals) these were literally the only books left on the shelves. 

Lately, I've been reading novels en Espanol. It is obviously more challenging and time consuming than reading in English, but it is also more rewarding when everything comes together. Currently I'm reading "El Nino con el Pijama de Rayas" (Boy in the Stripped Pajamas). So far it's 100% better than the movie.

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