Monday, March 28, 2011

Mexican Monday-->Enchiladas

It's Mexican Monday! For dinner tonight--->Enchiladas! 

I have a final in my Spanish class tomorrow, so I figured a Mexican meal would be a good replacement for studying. When it comes to learning languages, I don't really believe you can "cram" for a test. You either know it or you don't. I've kept up with all of the homework and assignments the whole semester, so I'm not too worried about the test. It's not that I couldn't spend the whole night studying, it's just that cooking is more fun :)

I don't really have a recipe for enchiladas and these aren't the most authentic enchiladas ever, but they were super tasty. For the filling I diced red pepper, yellow pepper, onion, and jalapenos. I also defrosted some frozen corn.  While I was dicing away, I baked two chicken breasts seasoned with a little salt and pepper at 375* for 30 minutes.

 Next step: Once the chicken has finished cooking and is cool enough to touch, shred apart with a fork.

 Saute everything together in a large skillet. Add one can of diced tomatoes. Usually, I like to use fresh tomatoes, but tonight I took some help from the store.

Fresh veggies, diced tomatoes and shredded chicken
While everything was simmering away, I shredded cheddar and pepperjack cheese.
My favorite part of any meal :)
To make the enchiladas, I used small corn tortillas which I filled with the chicken/veggie mixture. Once I stuffed all of the tortillas, I topped them with a spicy red enchilada sauce and the shredded cheese.
Ready for the oven
To finish the enchiladas, I baked them at 400* for 15 minutes until the cheese was nice and melted.

I finished the meal with a side of 90 second Spanish rice. It's not the prettiest plate, but what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in flavor. 
Dinner :)
And now for the rest of the night? I'm going to freeze the left over enchiladas and do the dishes (my least favorite part of cooking). And later I'm off to watch James Franco cut his own arm off in 127 hours. We watched half of the movie last night before falling asleep. So far, I think the movie is pretty slow and I'm not that impressed with James Franco's performance. Maybe the second half is better than the first. I don't know if it's just me, but if I had to cut my own arm off, I would be in much more pain than James Franco portrays.

Dinner + Movie is a very standard Monday for Lupe and I. It's a great way to start a busy week. I hope everyone has a great night :)

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Suzi said...

Your enchiladas look very tasty!!! If you ever want to change it up or try experimenting with different recipes, here is my made-up version that's been my go-to enchilada recipe for a few years now: