Sunday, March 27, 2011

Study Snack

To suck less at Spanish, I am taking a grammar intensive graduate level Spanish class. I will eventually need to prove fluency by the time I finish my graduate degree, so I am getting a jump start on classes to eventually make my life easier by the time I start grad school full time. Being fluent will enhance my career professionally and will come in handy when I retire on a beach in Costa Rica (this IS happening).

I really needed to get some major studying done today, but had to get out of the house. There was a Sex and the City marathon on TV that was completely distracting me from doing anything productive. After a gym session I headed to Le Pain Quotidien to study and had some much needed coffee and a snack. 

Giant skim Cappuccino :)
From the menu I chose an open faced roasted turkey sandwich on fresh baked whole wheat bread. The turkey was topped with roasted red peppers, dill, and melted age cheddar cheese.


A perfect study snack :)
I ended up studying for about two hours before heading home, so mission complete! 

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