Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who is going to pack their knives and go?

T-15 hours until the Top Chef finale! The final two all-star chef-testants are Richard Blais and Mike Isabella. Mike has been on a roll lately winning nearly all of the quick-fires and elimination challenges. Mike has DC connections and his Italian food is close to my heart. I would literally eat homemade pasta every single day if I could. However, tonight I have my money on Richard. I really admire how he combines cooking, chemistry and technology to create his dishes. Even though I am not familiar with Richard's style of cooking (I don't think I've ever eaten anything prepared with liquid nitrogen), I think Richard is more creative and deserves the win if he can pull it together tonight. I wish the finale location was somewhere a little more exotic than the Caribbean, but we'll see what happens!

Have a good day everyone :) P.S. There is a Top Chef Marathon on right now @ 6:00 am, wish I could stay home all day and watch...



Suzi said...

I can't wait!! I'm totally rooting for Richard Blais. I just think he deserves it more when I think of the season as a whole. I wonder what would have happened if Jen had stayed longer. I really like her.

jessica terry said...

I know, I love her! I think she would have done really well had she stayed. BUT they are bringing back eliminated chefs to be sous chefs tonight, so we might get to see her cook again.